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Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27117

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Mosquito Joe OF WINSTON-SALEM Reviews

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No issues to improve at this point, but I've only had one treatment so far and I will have more experience to form an opinion in a month or two.

Kevin K
Jul 30, 2018

I definitely works! I will be using them again when the weather is not so miserable I can go outside and enjoy!

Judi W
Jul 10, 2018

We had good results with first treatment and even better with second treatment. Team is always professional and reliable! Thanks!

Sharon T
Jul 08, 2018

Great service and a friendly team.

Jeff R
Jul 08, 2018

I love setting on my back patio and before Mosquito Joe it was hard to do with out getting bit a 100 times. But know I can sit out there and not worry about it. Thank you so much.

Kathy P
Jul 03, 2018

We have not seen one mosquito or tick 😊

Sara F
Jun 29, 2018

I love that we can gather outside with the family, or simply take my girls out to play in their swings and trampoline with being poked, and annoyed by mosquitos. Thank you mosquito Joe. I know other family members will be contacting or are going to contact you in ordee to service their own homes.

Liset P
Jun 28, 2018

We've had a few instances where we were getting bit by mosquitoes a couple weeks ago. Hopefully with this last spray that won't be an issue. Other than that, everything is great. Thank you.

Sherri M
Jun 17, 2018

All of your techs are very nice, and meet the needs of our property.

Bruce T
May 27, 2018

Donna C
Jul 28, 2018